ACS Board of Directors

ACS Directors are representatives from our member organizations. They are elected to three year terms, and may serve up to two terms consecutively before taking at least one year off before running again.

Vacant positions on the Board of Directors are filled annually by a secret ballot election (voted on by ACS member representatives) at the June Annual General Meeting (AGM). In addition to seven regular positions, ACS bylaws stipulate that one position be reserved for a youth member (ages 18-39).

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture representatives sit in on Board meetings in an advisory capacity. The Board Executive consists of the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary/Treasurer. These positions are elected by the Directors following the Annual General Meeting.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Norm Hall, Chair

Phone: 306-530-3886

Harvey Brooks, Vice-Chair

Phone: 306-250-8864

Roger Provencher, Secretary-Treasurer

Phone: 306-747-7372

John Serhienko, Director

Phone: 306-497-3594

Emile Marquette

Phone: 306-327-7770

Katelyn Duncan, Director

Phone: 306-541-3626

Sav Bellissimo, Director

Phone: 306-270-3938

ACS Board Committees

Executive Committee: Norm Hall, ACS Chair; Harvey Brooks, ACS Vice-Chair; Roger Provencher, ACS Secretary-Treasurer

Audit Committee: Roger Provencher, ACS Secretary-Treasurer; Sav Bellissimo, Director; Norm Hall, ACS Chair

Nominations Committee: John Serhienko, Director; Emile Marquette, Director; Katelyn Duncan, Director

Value Chains Advisory Committee: Sav Bellissimo, Director; Roger Provencher, ACS Secretary-Treasurer; Emile Marquette, Director

Levy Central Advisory Committee: Norm Hall, Chair; Katelyn Duncan, Sask. Canola; John Serhienko, Simply Ag;  Lisa Horn, Sask. Canola; Kevin Hursh, SK Mustard and SK Canaryseed; Wayne Thompson, Sask. Flax; Carol Ann Patterson, Sask. Winter Cereals; Garry Johnson, POGA; Harvey Brooks, Sask. Wheat; Jill McDonald, Sask. Barley and  Guenette Bautz, Sask. Alfalfa Seed Producers